Is jk rowling writing a new harry potter book 2013

As hard-core Harry Potter fans will know, I liked him so much that I even married his grandson, Rolf, to one of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood. She rarely does interviews, and The Big Issue was one of only five publications invited to meet her at an Edinburgh hotel at the end of June she likes the magazine, having famously fallen on hard times herself once.

The main thing freaking her out at the moment, though, is the film that Hollywood is about to make based on her famous creation, Harry Potter. We believe in a hand up, not a hand out. We all lose someone. Those people are absolute idiots. K Rowling is an unbelievable author. The first volume has been translated into Latin and even Ancient Greek[74] making it the longest published work in Ancient Greek since the novels of Heliodorus of Emesa in the 3rd century AD.

As Harry begins to explore the magical world, the reader is introduced to many of the primary locations used throughout the series.

JK Rowling writing new Harry Potter movie

The first book concludes with Harry's second confrontation with Lord Voldemort, who, in his quest to regain a body, yearns to gain the power of the Philosopher's Stonea substance that bestows everlasting life and turns any metal into pure gold. And it makes you think about your personal daemons from your past - how would you fight them.

Harry meets most of the main characters and gains his two closest friends: Harry and his friends decide to form 'Dumbledores Army' and meet in the Room of Requirement in order to practice and teach one another defensive spells.

Because such a huge part of my life will be over.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling

With war drawing near, Harry takes private lessons with Dumbledore, who shows him various memories concerning the early life of Voldemort in a device called a Pensieve.

Fictional universe of Harry Potter The central character in the series is Harry Pottera boy who lives in Surrey with his aunt, uncle, and cousin — the Dursleys — and discovers, at the age of eleven, that he is a wizardthough he lives in the ordinary world of non-magical people known as Muggles.

JK Rowling defends new Harry Potter e-books after fans complain of charging for free writing

The sales made her a multi-millionaire, and inshe purchased a luxurious 19th-century mansion, Killiechassie House, on the banks of the River Tay in PerthshireScotland, where she married her second husband, Dr Neil Murray, on 26 December I like this book more than the rest because I find it darker than the other 6 and I think that adding and edge to the story adds extra suspense.

Publishing history The novelist, J. If you haven't read these books yet please come out of your cave and rejoin the rest of the world!!. This might be a harder read for younger children than previous books but it is no less enjoyable and continues to build the suspense of the story.

Then she moved to Portugal.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I have colour-coded spreadsheets so I can keep a track of where I am going. While the fantasy land of Narnia is an alternate universe and the Lord of the Rings ' Middle-earth a mythic past, the wizarding world of Harry Potter exists parallel to the real world and contains magical versions of the ordinary elements of everyday life, with the action mostly set in Scotland Hogwartsthe West Country, Devon, London, and Surrey in southeast England.

In June 5,J. The battle scenes are very complex and you may find yourself having to re-read them in order to get your head 'round what is happening, but as always, JK Rowling makes your commitment more than worthwhile.

An important prophecy concerning Harry and Lord Voldemort is then revealed, [19] and Harry discovers that he and Voldemort have a painful connection, allowing Harry to view some of Voldemort's actions telepathically. Rowling make additional series but I don't suppose she will. This led to more and more copies of the English editions being sold to impatient fans in non-English speaking countries; for example, such was the clamour to read the fifth book that its English language edition became the first English-language book ever to top the best-seller list in France.

The novels fall within the genre of fantasy literatureand qualify as a type of fantasy called " urban fantasy ", "contemporary fantasy", or "low fantasy". I like it when they go through the trap door, it's hard to stop reading: Hagrid then officially invites Harry to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a famous magic school in Scotland that educates young teenagers on their magical development for seven years, from age eleven to seventeen.

The full background to this event and Harry Potter's past is revealed gradually throughout the series. Hogwarts resembles a medieval university-cum-castle with several professors who belonging to an Order of Merlin; Old Professor Binns still lectures about the International Warlock Convention of ; and a real historical person, a 14th century scribe Sir Nicolas Flamelis described as a holder of the Philosopher's Stone.

The fifth installment in the Harry Potter series sees Harry in his fifth year of Hogwarts; his hardest year yet. Rowling's books are gripping, stunning and filled with so much literature. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was a huge success, and she has thus far published six sequels.

He and his friends investigate a year-old mystery that appears uncannily related to recent sinister events at the school.

While Rowling has interwoven Voldemort’s past and rise to power into the Harry Potter plot line, she felt readers would benefit from a concentrated account of Voldemort’s difficult past. However, readers can anticipate many of the cherished adult characters to surface in the new novel including Sirius Black, Severus Snape, Dumbledore, as well.

When the first Harry Potter book was published inJK Rowling was a single mother, who was living on benefits in Edinburgh. She felt like a failure and was being treated for clinical depression. Joanne "Jo" Rowling, CH, OBE, FRSL, FRCPE (born 31 July, in Yate), commonly known as J.K.

Rowling (pronunciation: rolling) is an English fiction writer and film producer. Rowling is most famous for authoring the Harry Potter series, which have gained international attention and have won. JK Rowling interview – Harry Potter in the 21st century. In JK Rowling spoke to The Big Issue ahead of the release of the fourth Harry Potter book, The Goblet of Fire.

This was a pivotal moment in Pottermania – with a record-breaking first print run of five million, it was the first novel in the world to go on sale in the UK and US. It turns out that Rowling, whose seven Harry Potter books alone have sold more than million copies and been translated into 79 languages, begins all of her writing with good old-fashioned pen.

Ina new era of the Wizarding World was unveiled with the launch of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, an original screenplay by J.K.

J. K. Rowling

Rowling and a major film release from Warner Bros. Pottermore, launched inis the digital heart of the Wizarding World, bringing fans news, features and articles as well as original content.

JK Rowling to pen Harry Potter spin-off film Is jk rowling writing a new harry potter book 2013
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